Late winter blues

February was an odd month for me. After having spent all of January in Denmark I had become hyper aware of how transient I am as a student. I crave settling down somewhere more permanent, somewhere I can feel like I belong. Somewhere I can create a daily life that gives me some stability and makes me happy. Honestly I think it was the January blues that struck me late because I had such a stressful time before Christmas, and spent January constantly occupied with my favourite people. One of my good friends moved away from Orkney in February as well and I was struck with the sudden fear of being as lonely as when I moved here again. Which is silly really as I know plenty of people here now, but the fear was still there and very uncomfortable.

The beginning of March has differed, luckily, and though I am still in a stressful bubble I feel more emotionally equipped to handle it. I have been going to these Stress Control sessions that the NHS in Orkney are putting on and it feels like they are really changing my perspective on stress. I have tried to get outside as much as possible as well. Even if I have to take the same walk everyday I just need some air and to catch the last light. On top of that I finally found the energy to give the house a good clean and that always cheers me up. A clean living environment can really lift your spirits.

The sun setting behind Hoy is always so stunning. I’m really going to miss Orkney sunsets when I move away.

The weather has been very varied, as is usual in Orkney, and I got to experience real snow and cold weather this winter after all (I had not realised how much I missed it). Recently though we’ve had a really bright spell and everything seems to be growing and spring is really in the air.

The other day when walking to work a rook dropped a stick on me. It is really a sign of spring when Kirkwall’s large parliament of rooks (I looked it up and that should be the right term, parliament) starts nesting. The birds are so loud and messy but they are really part of the picture of daily life in Kirkwall.

I’m looking forward to warmer weather. Today I hung the washing outside and it felt SO good to be able to feel the sun on my skin. Tomorrow I’m going to Edinburgh to attend Edinburgh Yarn Festival for the first time and I’m really excited to go! Hopefully travelling south will bring me some much needed laughs and hugs, as I’m gonna see quite a few friends.

This is what “the beast from the east” looked like in Kirkwall
Early morning rooks taking flight
I’ve managed to catch some really beautiful sunsets this month
Even though Kirkwall’s grey and brown houses can get somewhat bland everything gains a certain beauty at sunset
Orkney has so few trees that the ones growing here are treasured dearly, crippled little things that they are

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